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Water Care6 Must-Knows When It Comes To Hot Tub Cleaning
Man Cleaning His Hot Tub

6 Must-Knows When It Comes To Hot Tub Cleaning

Maintaining your hot tub for optimal performance relies on proper cleaning and regular upkeep. Self-cleaning chemicals like bromine and chlorine can significantly reduce the frequency of deep cleaning needed. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the safe and efficient steps for hot tub cleaning.

Turn Off Power and Drain Your Tub

Hot tubs, with their high temperatures, create an ideal environment for the proliferation of mold and bacteria.

For safety, begin by turning off the hot tub’s power at the circuit breaker. This precaution prevents the pump or jets from activating during the water drainage process. To safeguard your hot tub from contamination, it is important to flush the plumbing lines with a specialized cleaner before starting the water-draining procedure. As always, keep in mind the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your hot tub.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub Interior
Cleaning Debris And Grime Out Of Your Hot Tub

Clean Your Hot Tub

Now that your hot tub is empty, spray the interior with water and apply a hot tub cleaner. Specially formulated hot tub cleaners are made to cut through grime and will make the hot tub cleaning process easier. The exterior shell of your hot tub is built to withstand buildup, so it can be gently wiped and sprayed clean with warm water. You can always clean a hot tub cover this same way.

Tip: Make sure to always wear protective gloves when using cleaners!

Remove and Clean Filters

After cleaning your hot tub, you’ll want to remove the tub filters. Because the filter’s main job is to remove grime and bacteria, they tend to develop buildup quickly.
  • Replace hot tub filters older than a year. If your filters are new, spray them with water from your garden hose, wipe them with a hot tub cleaner and rinse clean. Do not use a brush or anything too abrasive on filters.
  • To really help improve the lifespan of your hot tub, use hot tub chlorine to disinfect the filters. This immediately breaks up any buildup. Finish by spraying them clean with water.

Tip: Some filters are easier to retrieve than others, based on your hot tub. Take a picture of the filter in place, so it's easier to re-install later!

Refill Your Hot Tub

Once your tub is sparkling clean, it’s time to refill it with water. Place a garden hose into the filter firmly. Ensure that water flows through the filters and that the tub is filling with clean water. 

Next, you want to turn the power back on for your hot tub.

Using Insta Test 3 Strips To Clean Hot Tub

Treat Your Water

After a few hours, you will want to test the pH and chlorine levels in your hot tub and treat it with a hot tub shock, sanitizer or clarifier. Water Care Club offers a large variety of options for these specialty cleaners. Make sure to always follow the recommended levels suggested in your manual.

Depending on whether you use hot tub bromine or hot tub chlorine, add chemicals to adjust the level. Once you have added the appropriate chemicals to clean your hot tub, close the cover and allow the chemicals to do their magic.

Make Sure to Perform Regular Maintenance

Much like a pool, hot tubs require regular maintenance in order to live long happy lives. One of our best pieces of advice when learning how to clean a hot tub is creating a cleaning schedule that works for you. Here are some important tips to remember:

  • Sanitize with hot tub chlorine or bromine on a weekly basis. This keeps the water clean.
  • Clean the filter monthly to remove trapped debris and grime. This keeps your hot tub running well.
  • Clean the hot tub shell every 3 to 4 months to prevent buildup.
  • Keep the hot tub cover free of dust and leaves by cleaning it monthly.
  • When not in use, keep the hot tub protected with a cover.

When learning how to clean a hot tub, a consistent cleaning routine will ensure your success. If you follow the tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be enjoying your hot tub for years to come. This will also allow your family and friends to enjoy a relaxing spa day safely. Water Care Club is here to help meet all of your needs, with sanitizers, filters, test strips and even cover lifters!

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