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Water CareChlorine Pucks: What’s Best for Your Pool?

Chlorine Pucks: What’s Best for Your Pool?

When it comes to maintaining pristine pool water, chlorine pucks, also known as chlorine tablets, have proven themselves to be an absolute game-changer. But how do you pick the right one for your pool, and how do they stack up against other chlorine forms? Let’s dive in!

Choosing the Right Size: 3-Inch vs. 1-Inch Chlorine Pucks

Choosing the correct chlorine puck size is vital, as it’s directly related to your pool’s size. If your pool has more than 5,000 gallons, go with 3-inch pucks. On the other hand, for smaller pools like Intex models or those with less than 5,000 gallons, opt for 1-inch pucks. However, just remember that using the wrong size can accidentally lead to too much chlorine!

In the right application system, like an automatic chlorinator, chlorine pucks offer a hassle-free solution, providing a consistent supply of chlorine while being more manageable and storable compared to granular or liquid alternatives.

The Differences Between Pucks & Other Chlorine Forms

Chlorine for pools typically comes in three forms: tablets, granules, and liquid. Here’s a quick comparison:

Chlorine Pucks (Tablets): These slow-dissolving tablets, available in 1-inch or 3-inch sizes, contain chlorine and a stabilizing component, but they can impact pH and alkalinity levels

Chlorine Granules: Dissolving quickly, granular chlorine fights algae and contaminants swiftly, but demands precise measurement and can’t be used in automatic feeders.

Liquid Chlorine: Cheaper by volume than pucks or granules, liquid chlorine needs a stabilizer to protect against sunlight, has a high pH, is corrosive, and has a shorter shelf life.

How to Choose and Use Chlorine Pucks Safely

Safety is paramount when handling chlorine pucks. To begin with, always check the ingredient list and ensure the container is properly sealed. Moreover, it’s important to note that chlorine pucks are not suitable for indoor pools due to their cyanuric acid content, which can accumulate unnecessarily in enclosed spaces.

Adding Chlorine Pucks to Your Pool

There are three common methods for using chlorine pucks: automatic chlorinators, floating dispensers, and placing pucks in the skimmer basket. However, the automatic chlorinator is the preferred method, providing a steady and measured release of chlorine. This ensures consistent and efficient pool water sanitation…

Automatic Chlorinators (Best Option): Reliable and easy to use, these devices dissolve pucks at a controlled rate, integrated into your pump and filter system.

Floating Dispensers (Second Best Option): While convenient, these dispensers may cause uneven distribution and potential damage to pool liners.

Pucks Inside the Skimmer Basket (Not Recommended): Although pucks dissolve steadily, they can cause staining, erosion, and equipment damage if the filter isn’t running.

How Many Chlorine Pucks You Should Use

To determine how many pucks to use in your pool, keep in mind that a 3-inch tablet can sanitize up to 5,000 gallons of water and anything below that can use a 1-inch chlorine puck. So, you can easily calculate the right quantity based on your pool’s size. Just remember that it’s crucial to regularly test and balance other chemical levels to maintain a healthy pool environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about the best way to use your chlorine pucks for pool maintenance, you have two options: reach out to our Water Care experts for personalized assistance, or explore our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about chlorine tablets below. We’re here to assist you in making well-informed choices for your pool care.


Should I use 1-inch or 3-inch chlorine pucks? Choose 3-inch pucks for larger pools and 1-inch pucks for smaller ones.

Do you really need chlorine pucks for your pool? Yes, chlorine pucks provide a consistent supply to prevent bacterial growth and algae.

Is it cheaper to use liquid chlorine or pucks? While liquid chlorine is cheaper per volume, pucks offer easier handling and a more stable release.

Can I use pool shock instead of chlorine pucks? No, pool shock and chlorine pucks serve different purposes, with shock providing a quick boost and pucks for regular maintenance.

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